Refund and Returns Policy

**No Return Policy**     ** See Exceptions Below**


Due to the sensitive nature of our health products and the paramount importance of maintaining their sterility, we adhere to a strict no return policy. This policy is in place to ensure the highest standards of product safety and integrity for all our customers.


**Disclaimer: Peptide Products**

Please note that the peptides sold through our platform are delivered in an un-constituted state. To use these peptides for research purposes, they must be reconstituted with bacteriostatic water. The reconstitution should be carried out carefully to achieve the correct dosage, as per the specific requirements of your research and the subject involved.

It is the responsibility of the researcher to determine the appropriate dosage and method of reconstitution. We provide no guidance on peptide reconstitution or dosage determination, and all research must be conducted by qualified individuals within a properly equipped facility.

By purchasing peptides from us, you acknowledge and agree to these terms, and confirm that you are using them solely for legitimate research purposes.

This disclaimer clearly states the condition in which the peptides are delivered and the responsibility of the purchaser to reconstitute and use them correctly for research purposes.


**Disclaimer: Use of Research Supplements**


Please be aware that the research supplements available through our platform are intended strictly for research purposes. We do not provide any form of medical advice, including but not limited to dosage recommendations, therapeutic claims, or treatment guidance.

The use of these supplements should be conducted by qualified professionals in a controlled research setting. We are not responsible for the misuse of these supplements or any outcomes resulting from such misuse.

By purchasing and using these research supplements, you acknowledge and accept that you are doing so based on your own discretion and understanding of their intended research use.

This disclaimer emphasizes that your platform does not offer medical advice or dosage recommendations for research supplements, highlighting their intended use for research purposes only.



1. **Damaged or Lost Packages**: We understand that unforeseen circumstances can occur during shipping. If your package arrives damaged or is lost in transit, please contact us immediately. We will address these issues on a case-by-case basis and offer appropriate solutions.


2. **Incorrect Address**: It is the responsibility of the buyer to provide an accurate shipping address at the time of purchase. We cannot honor reshipment for items shipped to an incorrect address due to buyer error. We urge all customers to double-check their shipping details at checkout. If you notice any discrepancies or have concerns about your shipping address, please contact us as soon as possible to rectify the issue.


Your satisfaction and safety are our top priorities. While we stand by our no return policy to maintain product sterility, we are committed to addressing any concerns related to shipping errors or product damage.

This policy outlines the no return conditions while providing specific exceptions for damaged or lost items, and emphasizes the importance of correct address verification by the buyer.




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